It’s not your Imagination — Properties ARE staying on market a little longer

I noticed it, too. In Berkeley about half the homes are on the market longer than 14 days. 1/3 are on the market longer than 21 days.

Preferred Homes in Preferred Neighborhoods still sell well over asking with multiple offers. These are homes I like, too. The other half are not as preferred, the home, the neighborhood, the price and the condition.

Does this mean that the home you prefer will be available at list price or lower? Probably not – unless you are willing to live in the less preferred home or neighborhood.

Another phenomenon I am starting to see again – sellers listing their homes at preferred prices without the care that buyers look for in their homes. I think that’s why we’re seeing more homes on the market longer.

If you’re interested, take a look at what I do to prepare a property for sale.

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Luxury is not just the home or the work – It’s how you feel when we’ve finished.

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